Valuation Due Diligence Case Study: Large Mortgage Originator Utilizes MAP AVM for Initial Stages of Portfolio Property Valuation Due Diligence

Client’s Challenge

  • The bank’s team responsible for reconciliation and researching property values within appraisals, BPOs and other valuation products were using online property estimates to compare as part of their due diligence, allowing for inaccuracies in their process.
  • The bank needed an accurate, reliable, high hit rate tool that provided a quick turnaround of information.

Our Solution

  • The MarketAssessed Price (MAP) AVM provides individuals responsible for portfolio due diligence and assessment on loan pools the right tool to make sure that they have the most accurate view of a subject property.
  • Our solution offers clients the ability to analyze 3rd party appraisals, BPOs and other valuation products as a second set of eyes.


  • With the help of Five Bridges and the MAP AVM tool, the bank has the ability to create an effective due diligence process to make sure information that is being compiled can be rechecked with tools that have the ability to provide comparable information from 3rd party valuation products.
  • Reduced the risk of heavily relying on outside valuation products and not having the proper mechanism to conduct internal due diligence.