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A thought leader in mortgage, consumer and real estate analytics, we understand the complexities of financial and economic data and utilize technological expertise to deliver transparent and accurate solutions. Our in depth industry knowledge allows us to reveal insights from mortgage data, quantify risk and provide value.
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CRO Outlook: Banks Need to Revisit CRO Compensation and Board Risk Committee Composition

In conjunction with the Global Association of Risk Professionals, Dr. Cliff Rossi explores why banks need to close the pay gap between CRO’s and their peers to develop and maintain a healthy risk culture.
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Whole Loan Investors: Do You Have the Right Tools in Place to Manage Your Portfolio?

Learn about how investors in the non-performing and re-performing whole loan markets are leveraging the Javelin Whole Loans platform along with Market-Assessed Price AVM to manage their portfolios.
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Our Products

Javelin Whole Loans

Perform loan and portfolio analysis and valuations quickly and with confidence using our whole loan cash flow analytics platform.

Javelin Structured Products

Perform structured product analysis and valuations quickly and with confidence using our structured product analytics platform.


Generate exceptionally accurate property valuations both quickly and affordably using our Market Assessed Price (MAP) Automated Valuation Model.

At Five Bridges we are driven to provide you with solutions that clarify the complexities.

Learn more about the custom solutions that our team of industry experts have provided to clients.

Our Services

Model Validation

Five Bridges’ deeply experienced and highly knowledgeable modeling team have provided timely and affordable validation services for a wide range of financial asset models to an array of industry participants. Learn more about the solutions we offer and the industries we serve.


Our advisory team has state of the art tools in place to assist them in providing you with unparalleled valuation solutions.  Whether you are looking for advice on property, loan, or structured product valuations, Five Bridges can provide you with a precise sense of accuracy.


At Five Bridges our clients are our first priority. We offer you a team of experts equipped with state of the art analytics and technology along with decades of hands-on industry experience that are with you every step of the way.


Five Bridges litigation support services add depth, perspective and practical experience to cases involving the U.S mortgage, and real estate markets.  Learn more about the deep industry experience and broad product coverage Five Bridges can provide to your case.

About Five Bridges Advisors

Five Bridges Advisors, LLC has been providing analytics and advisory services to market participants and industry leaders since 2008.  As a thought leader in quantitative analytics, we understand the complexities of mortgage data and utilize technological expertise to deliver transparent and accurate solutions.

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