General Whitepaper Series: Residential Valuation Modeling—Single Family Non-Distressed

This report describes a set of automated valuation models (AVM) MAP which produce our Market Assessed Prices (MAP) for single-family houses in the United States. The models draw on a variety of sources including data from multiple listing services (MLS), public records, and other proprietary sources which gives broad and deep coverage of U.S. housing markets and submarkets. This data is contemporaneous for each housing market and submarket which enables updating the MAPs within days of the end of a month. In addition, the data identifies and measures the influence of distressed and rental houses on ambient house prices. We have developed the MAPs using innovative spatio-temporal hedonic models and numerical methods that confer exceptional accuracy. Our MAPs give housing andmortgage market participants the most accurate, comprehensive, and timely measurement of U.S.housing market and submarket conditions that is currently available.

The models have been developed in partnership between Five Bridges Advisors, LLC (“Five Bridges”) a leading mortgage analytics and advisory firm located in Bethesda, Maryland and Red Bell Real Estate, LLC (“Red Bell”) a leading real estate information company. Red Bell collects data on among other things, the sale, listing, and rental of single- and multi-family properties nationally by multiple listing services (MLS), which are sponsored by realtors’ trade associations. Five Bridges, working with Red Bell,organizes and analyzes the data for surveillance and modeling purposes. Together, we have developed a suite of proprietary models designed to forecast, among other things, the price of individual real estate properties. The models discussed herein generate MAP forecast values which may be organized as a current value, retroactive or historical values, or a time series vector representing past or future periodic values.

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